Slaughterville Park


The Slaughterville Park is a natural park that was completed and opened in October 2019.  The land was acquired by the town in February 2014. 

The park is located at 7775 Slaughterville Road, one-half mile east on Slaughterville Road from US Highway 77.

Trail Map


Slaughterville Park is open daily from Sunup to Sundown.


With one-half mile of trail, there is plenty of room for everyone from leisurely walkers to vigorous joggers and kids on bicycles or roller blades.

Slaughterville Park offers a covered pavilion near the entrance with picnic tables, two grills, and restrooms nearby. 

Six fitness stations and eight sitting benches are placed throughout the park trail.

Slaughterville Park is a great place to enjoy a family picnic, a scenic stroll in nature, or sit and enjoy the sounds of the country.