Trash & Salvage

Trash & Salvage

Trash Burning

EPA law prohibit burning household trash where garbage service is available. These laws are to help prevent pollution of the air we breath because of dangerous contaminates created by burning plastics and other man-made materials.

Burning of natural substances such as wood (construction material is not included in this statement), grass and brush are permitted.

What is solid waste?
  • Paper, Styrofoam, bottles and cans
  • Garbage, trash, tree trimmings, leaves, lawn clippings and dead animals
  • Appliances, furniture, tires, carpet
  • Roofing material, wallboard, lumber, construction and demolition debris
The law is broken when:
  • Dumping trash anywhere except in a legal landfill or transfer station
  • Junking old cars, tires, appliances or furniture by rolling them into a ditch, roadside, or creek
  • Throwing anything on the ground or out of your car window
  • Hauling trash for profit and dumping it on any land that is not a legal landfill
  • Allowing someone else to dump waste on private property, regardless of financial gain
  • Hauling anything that is able to fall off or blow out of a truck bed
  • Pouring used motor oil or restaurant grease into streams, rivers, lakes, or into storm drains and down manholes

Litter & Illegal Dumps Are Hazardous

Trash is not only an eyes sore, it threatens our health and safety as well
  • Dumps are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rats, and skunks that spread disease
  • Rainwater run-off from illegal dumps can pollute our drinking water
  • Near homes, illegal dumps are safety hazards for children and pets.
  • Trash can disturb or destroy wildlife habitats
  • Litter blowing off truck beds can cause accidents.

Trash Services available in the area:

WCA - Waste Corporation of Oklahoma
405-495-0800  - Residential Service

Waste Disposal Service
Located out of Lexington

Wildplum Sanitation
Located out of Tecumseh