Marsha Blair -  Town Administrator

Marsha Blair
Marsha works under the direction of the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the daily operation of the Town. She also works closely with citizens and other agencies to see that ordinances and services are properly administered. 

Carol Lance - Financial Specialist

Carol Lance

Carol works closely with the town treasurer and town administrator.  She assists in the preparation of the annual budget and monitors the budget to ensure compliance within the budgetary guidelines.  She prepares financial reports and  documents to assist department heads.  Carol also prepares and updates daily financial information for proper reconciliation of bank statements and investments, for preparation of payroll, monthly reports to the boards and prepares documents necessary for the auditor.

Kelle Brady - Code Enforcement Officer

Kelle Brady
Kelle's responsibilities include answering the telephone, providing general information and will respond to and investigate all complaints. She will examine and inspect construction sites and structures to ensure compliance with zoning regulations.  She will visually inspect property to determine compliance with applicable town ordinance provisions and explain ordinance requirements to concerned persons. 

Kim Reynolds - Planning and Development Administrator

Kim Reynolds
Kim’s responsibilities include insuring the Town's Comprehensive Plan and Code of Ordinances are followed with relation to land use, land development and code enforcement.  She is responsible for reviewing rezoning, use permitted on review, variance, subdivision, and zoning compliance permit applications, and insuring the timely processing of applications and hearing of requests which are reviewed by various Boards.  Kim is also responsible for enforcing various codes and ordinances related to the health, safety and welfare of citizens; making recommendations for updating ordinances. 

Chris Edwards - Town Treasurer

2019 Chris Edwards

As Town Treasurer Chris’ responsibilities include maintaining accounts and books to show where and from what source all funds paid to her have been derived and to whom and when any moneys have been paid. Her duties also include investing available funds and keeping records on all investment and interest earned.

Town Clerk - Marsha Blair

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As Town Clerk, Marsha’s responsibilities include keeping the journal of the proceedings of the Board of Trustees; enroll ordinances and resolutions passed by the trustees in a book kept for that purpose; have custody of documents, records, and archives, as may be provided for by law or ordinance; Attest and affix the seal of the town to documents as required by law or by ordinance; publish notice as may be provide for by law; and other duties as may be prescribed by law or by ordinance.